Who: North Carolina musicians united for EqualityNC

What: Stand Against HB2 – NC musicians raise the collective voices for equality and to raise funds to help EqualityNC’s fight against this hateful law.

Why: In direct response to North Carolina’s discriminatory law HB2, musicians across the state are banding together to take a stand for equality and say #WeAreNotThis and #StandAgainstHB2. We are not represented by this law, we are not going to stand silent while our state legislation, our Governor puts laws on record that systematically discriminate. 100% of net profits goes to EqualityNC.

With musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas boycotting the state because of the controversial bill, North Carolina has suffered the economic fallout of a bill that is deeply unpopular with those across the country who support the LGBT community. Many North Carolina musicians want a way to use their artistry to signal their support for LGBTQ rights and to do their part to help overturn the bill, which is why they have donated their time and talent to the Stand Against HB2 event.

The first concert in the Stand Against HB2 series was held on May 15th. North Carolina musicians played a sold-out 24-band show at the Haw River Ballroom in Saxapawhaw, NC, raising funds for Equality NC and QORDS, a nonprofit that hosts a summer camps that builds queer community through music. The 800-ticket show sold out in six days.

How do I get involved: Donate to EqualityNC, purchase a ticket to one of the shows, spread the word through social media and email!

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